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Specialist Cardiology Services for the community

The Challenge

The Borough of Lambeth undertook a review of its cardiology diagnostic services in 2019. The review highlighted a variation in patient access to local ECG and blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) services and an opportunity to improve the consistency of testing across the borough. The report also found that while many GPs possess considerable skills in 12-lead ECG interpretation, it is a challenge; patient information presented in graphical form may be of limited value unless accompanied by a report that describes and summarises clinically important findings.


Xyla Elective Care set up a network of community hubs to deliver a consultant-led GP direct-access ECG and blood pressure service to begin in May 2021. Designed to provide GPs and referring clinicians with a Primary Care Network (PCN) led service, giving patients fast access to diagnostics and specialists in their local community. Xyla supplied all equipment, infrastructure, staff, and expertise during service mobilisation to get the community hubs up and running across the borough.

With the service now in full operation, Xyla provides the operational, governance and quality management expertise, ensuring the day-to-day clinical service runs smoothly and capacity increases and decreases as the community hubs and referring clinicians require.

Anticipated patient demand for 2021 is 7,000 12 lead ECGs, 1,000 ambulatory ECGs and 7,000 blood pressure monitoringtests through a combination of both ambulatory and home-based monitors. Lambeth patients now benefit from quick, direct access to critical diagnostic tests in their local community, which has reduced waiting times for GPs, patients and the CCG,and the need for hospital visits to the main two secondary care centres in the borough.