Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust


Xyla Elective Care, part of Acacium Group was appointed by Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT) in July 2019 to reduce wait times in their Outpatient service across both primary sites.

We mobilised quickly to ensure onsite presence occurred as soon as possible following contract signing, with full capacity launched from August 1st, 2019.

The solution

We delivered capacity for a total of 1600 TTE scans across 145 clinics to GSTT between July 2019 & February 2020, with a steady clinic flow of 20-25 clinics per month.

The outcome

We were successful in allowing GSTT to reduce the % of patients waiting 6 weeks for a TTE investigation, from 10.2% in August 2019 to 0.3% in November 2019, with TTE waiting time of only 1 week when we finished our contract with the trust.

  • Type: Managed Echocardiography Services
  • Contact Name: Sheila Subbiah
  • Title: Head of Inpatient and Community Echocardiography
  • Email: