Meet our Business Development Team

Steve Morley

Business Development Director

As Business Development Director for Xyla Elective Care, I’m responsible for all business development, marketing and data analysis activity within the brand. My focus is driving business growth by working collaboratively with NHS Trusts, Integrated Care Systems and private sector clients by delivering elective care and diagnostics capacity via a fully managed service proposing virtual, insourcing, diagnostic and community solutions.

Through these conversations, I also promote other Health & Community Services divisional solutions where there is potential to prevent, redirect and accelerate patient flow to achieve improved patient outcomes.

Mandeep Gill-West

Head of NHS Trust Partnerships

I work closely with colleagues at Xyla Elective Care to ensure positive engagement with Trusts, to fully understand their requirements, and to offer and deliver tailored solutions. This engagement is collaborative to add value to our partnerships and deliver services of a high standard.

The key focus of my role is to ensure our services reflect outlined requirements and to work with colleagues to review and create innovative solutions, which are often changing at pace. In my role, I am often the initial main contact for Trusts, be it for bespoke requests, service mobilisation and review points, or in offering regular touch point opportunities to foster new and established relationships to respond to promptly, as required.

Olivia Perfect

Business Development Manager

My role is to lead the screening and development of potential opportunities and generate leads for Diagnostics, devolved nations, and Insourcing opportunities.

I work collaboratively with my respective business development colleagues, operational colleagues, Chief Nurse Claire Fisher and other clinical colleagues to put together a bespoke solution for each client including modelling service delivery, and pricing and governance assurances that are presented to the client in the form of a Proposal.

Once a proposal is agreed upon with a client, I also work to support the connection from sales to service delivery for seamless integration of Xyla Elective Care services to clients.

Darren Lancaster

Community Business Development Manager

My role is to develop and promote the XEC Community Services offering, basically all things away from an Acute setting. This involves working with our various supply partners across many exciting projects, such as Digital & Virtual Services and Community Diagnostic Centres.

Shahzad Ahmad

Partnerships Manager

As part of the fantastic Xyla Elective Care Business Development team, my role is to expand and develop our acute services for Trusts and organisations. Fundamentally understanding their specific requirements and collaboratively designing and delivering insourcing services with colleagues that truly make an impact to patient care.