Meet the Team

Catherine Hewson

Catherine Hewson

Clinical Operations Manager, Echocardiography

Tell us a bit about yourself and your professional background

My career has revolved around healthcare, initially working in the NHS as a cardiac physiologist before moving into industry. After leaving the NHS, I worked at Philips in the Ultrasound team, first as a clinical applications specialist and then as an account manager.

I joined XEC in July 2021, I had worked at Philips for 13 years, so I was ready for a new challenge. As well as the opportunity to work in a different role as an operations manager, I also appreciated the chance to go back to my roots as an Echocardiographer, being more hands-on in clinics and supporting the NHS with the diagnostics waiting list backlog.

What specific skills and experience do you bring to the role?

I have always enjoyed training and developing individuals and teams, and this role allows me to use the people skills I have developed over the years. My success in previous jobs has centred around my ability to build strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust, and these existing connections with various stakeholders allow me to support growth across our business. My clinical background also helps support relationships with our clients and Echocardiographers.

What are your responsibilities?

My primary responsibility is looking after and growing our fantastic permanent team of Echocardiographers. In addition, I provide clinical support to our bank staff, help mobilise contracts, carry out audits for quality control, support the training and development of our junior Echocardiographers, help with remote Echo reporting and perform Echocardiograms in clinics. I also get involved with various other business functions, such as marketing and business development.

What does a typical day look like in your role?

The best thing about this role is no two days are the same! I might work at home, in the London office or at a hospital. You can see from my responsibilities that it’s a varied role.

What’s the best thing about being in the XEC team?

Everyone is open to new ideas and there to support each other and the business. It has been very refreshing to work for an organisation that listens and adapts to make new ideas a reality.

What are your aims and ambitions for 2023?

My main aim is to support our Echocardiographers in achieving their development targets. It would also be great to welcome a few new faces to the team.

What does the next year hold for XEC? What are you excited about?

I am sure we will be very busy supporting the NHS to reduce the backlog of diagnostic tests, so patients can receive the care they need. I am excited about sharing our story on supporting workforce growth later this year, so watch this space!