Virtual Wards

Our service allow us to deliver remote monitoring of patients on behalf of Trusts. They can be configured as specialist or general wards to digitally coordinate the care of a group of either acutely or sub-acutely unwell patients. Using remote technology, our clinical teams can collect, view, and analyse patient data via an intuitive dashboard. Remote patient monitoring technology has been shown to double clinical capacity and reduce readmissions by over a third. Their award-winning modular platforms are used by more than 3,000 hospitals and clinics internationally.

Virtual ward benefits:

  • Cost saving. Significant savings on the cost of an inpatient bed
  • Early discharge of patients provides extra clinical capacity
  • Patients prefer to be treated in their own home rather than in hospital.

Suitable pathways may include, but are not limited to:

  • Frailty
  • COPD and wider acute respiratory
  • Heart failure
  • Post-operative monitoring
  • Elective recovery (pre and post-op pathways)
    • orthopedics
    • cardiology
    • ENT
    • gastroenterology

How we work with you

Proactive remote patient monitoring to enable admission avoidance, early supported discharge, reduction in readmission rates and reduction in routine outpatient appointments.

The patient is discharged from hospital to the Xyla virtual ward (The model shown pertains to our expedited discharge pathway)

Matron assesses patient and admits them to the ward. Required monitoring equipment given to patient

Every patient is monitored 24/7 until discharge, with ability to contact clinical team

We follow strict clinical protocols to maximise the well-being of the patient

Patient is discharged as soon as criteria is met


Remote monitoring

Immediate advice

Unified ePR

Integrated staffing

Step up

Ease of readmission

Patient selection

“By implementing virtual wards with its incredible digital capabilities, we are able to remotely monitor patients who would otherwise be in a secondary care bed.”

Professor Matthew Cooke
Clinical Advisor to Xyla Elective Care