Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Contract

We are delighted to announce that Xyla Elective Care has been awarded its first contract with the largest non-teaching NHS Trust in the UK, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.

In June 2018, the contract commenced with the provision of a staffing service, delivering specialist echocardiographer outpatient TTE (transthoracic echocardiogram) and DSE (dobutamine stress echocardiogram) clinics. Our dedicated, highly-skilled team of accredited echocardiographers deliver these services within the outpatient cardiology departments at North Manchester General Hospital, Fairfield General Hospital, Rochdale Infirmary and the Royal Oldham Hospital. We manage the allocation of our experienced echocardiography staff across these sites to ensure the right skills mix has been considered against individual clinic requirements.

We are extremely proud to be delivering this vital service which supports Pennine’s provision of outpatient echocardiography clinics, allows Consultants and their multi-disciplinary team to determine treatment pathways and diagnosis, as well as supporting the Trust to maintaining their 18-week patient pathway.

About us

Xyla Elective Care is the UK’s first specialist remote reporting service of British and European accredited echocardiographers.

We offer a range of managed services to hospitals and clinics with access to our specialist nationwide clinical staffing network. These services are delivered onsite or remotely (or a combination of the two), and may include: outpatient clinics, inpatient clinics, remote reporting service, reviewing service, peer review service and training and mentoring service.

For more information on what an echocardiogram is, find out via the NHS website.