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Teledermatology information for patients

Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Your local GP/Nurse has raised a request to the dermatology service at Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust in order to seek a specialist opinion relating to your medical concern. This page aims to explain how the service works and how you will be kept informed of the outcome.

The process

You may be contacted to arrange a separate appointment to have photographs taken of your skin problem.

During this appointment, the medical photographer/healthcare assistant will:

  • take photographs of your skin problem (distant, close up and magnified images are required);
  • ask you to confirm your consent for images to be shared with the hospital;
  • ask you to confirm that you consent for your images to be used anonymously for training and education;
  • ask you a number of questions relating to your dermatological problem;
  • ask you to confirm that you consent to the hospital arranging a referral for an appointment in the event the hospital Specialist believes this is needed;
  • securely upload images/relevant medical details to the dedicated teledermatology system that has been contracted by the NHS to process your request (software provided by Cinapsis).

Using the information sent, the consultant dermatologist will:

  • review the teledermatology case within two working days (Saturday and Sunday not included) This review will NOT require an appointment;
  • immediately send an opinion/outcome to your GP/Nurse via the teledermatology system;
  • if they conclude a hospital appointment is required, arrange for the dermatology department to contact you for an appointment in a dermatology clinic (for example, this may be for a further review or if a skin biopsy is needed).

Note: When you are contacted will depend on the urgency assigned by the dermatologist. It may be within two weeks if it is very urgent or up to four months if assessed as non-urgent.  In some cases, due to the location or size of a specific skin lesion, the dermatologist may recommend that another department in the hospital (plastic surgical team run by the ENT department or general surgery) should see you. In this case, the relevant department will contact you directly.

Note: images/clinical information are securely encrypted and cannot be viewed by anyone except your GP/Nurse and the dermatologist who will be assessing your case at the Mid and South Essex dermatology service.

If they conclude you do not need to visit the hospital, your GP will be informed of the recommended action.

  • This could be no action required, a recommendation to undertake further investigations, or advice to provide specific treatment. It is the responsibility of your GP Practice to inform you of this outcome.


  • You may require a visit to your local community dermatology service for further investigations. The booking team will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Additional information

If your condition does not require a hospital appointment, a member of the team will contact you to inform you of this.

If you have not been contacted by your GP with the outcome of your clinical review within 4 weeks of the date of the request, please contact your GP surgery directly to check this.

If the dermatologist has recommended a review or a biopsy at the hospital and there is a significant change in your dermatology condition whilst waiting for this appointment, please contact your GP for further advice as your GP may wish to expedite or change your appointment.