Community Services

Integrated community diagnostics that provide patients with fast, local access to specialist investigations and expert clinical guidance are vital to the future of healthcare services. 

Xyla Elective Care is proud to be helping the NHS drive this forward.  

We are supporting our partners drive their transformation plans in line with the NHS long-term plan in three key ways:

Community Care: Providing GPs and commissioners with fast access to specialist diagnostics and clinical interpretation across multiple diagnostic hubs within a region.

Preventative Care: Targeted services, such as AF screening, giving GPs the tools to quickly diagnose and manage patients without the need for secondary care intervention. In addition, Xyla provides referral access to a weight management program where required, reducing symptoms or the future risk of developing a particular condition.

Cardiovascular Disease: Xyla Diagnostics specialises in cardiac diagnostics, and provides GPs and commissioners with routine and urgent referral access to a range of specialist CVD community pathways for both possible and confirmed conditions. Our evidence-based services enable GPs to more effectively manage their patients in primary care via timely intervention, improving patient experience, and reducing the likelihood of future emergency or unplanned care. 

We understand that different NHS services, communities and locations require different delivery models, therefore we pride ourselves on our bespoke partnership approach and delivery to each contract. 

CVD Prevent

Fully integrated community cardiovascular diagnostics and clinical interpretation. Referral pathways for initial diagnosis and to support confirmed conditions, with expert patient management guidance for GPs from specialist clinical leads.

AF Screening

Available as a standalone service or as part of CVD Prevent, GP-led AF screening for over-65s with rapid 30-minute diagnostic reports.

Community Diagnostics

Bespoke community provision of core diagnostic services including echocardiography, general/MSK ultrasound, and ambulatory ECG and BP monitoring. Full provision of equipment, infrastructure, staff and service management.

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