NHS Elective Care Winter Pressures
Xyla Elective Care is a national elective care specialist with a proven track record in the delivery of flexible and scalable solutions to help NHS organisations – creating clinical capacity to reduce wait times, address workforce challenges and improve patient outcomes. We are able to deliver services within the acute setting, community or virtually.
Reducing patient waiting times
Xyla Elective Care was called upon by North Norfolk Primary Care (NNPC), to support the transformation of services.
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We are always looking for clinical staff who share our values and want to enhance their career development by providing high-quality clinical services focused on excellence.

Who we are

As a national provider of NHS-funded elective services, we specialise in elective care and diagnostics service delivery for the NHS and are national framework approved for both insourcing and outsourcing. We are a leading specialist in the provision of diagnostic imaging and cardiac investigation services and provide insourced, community-based and remote-managed clinical diagnostic services to acute trusts, community organisations and independent healthcare providers across the UK.

Our services support the NHS in meeting elective care targets by providing both referral management and clinical capacity solutions across primary and secondary care. We’re able to deliver our market-leading elective care in both the community and acute hospitals.

Through the redesign and implementation of new care delivery models, our NHS partners achieve shorter waiting times, better patient outcomes, system-wide transformation and cost savings.

We develop long-term strategic partnerships, built on integrity and trust, supported by a robust clinical governance framework. Our optimised clinical pathways are designed to deliver positive patient experiences and excellent clinical outcomes.

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Our Suite of Clinical Services  

We deliver fully managed and integrated capacity services across a broad range of medical and surgical specialties that support the entire patient pathway from outpatient consultations, diagnostic screening and surgery. These services are provided in Acute, Community and Virtual settings and also to independent providers across the UK

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