Frimley ICB

Cutting dermatology demand for secondary care services through virtual services.

Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust

Delivering capacity and reducing wait times.

University Hospitals of Derby and Burton

Insourcing capacity supports demand for ECG and TTE services

Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust

Delivery of a world-class Endoscopy Service in the midst of COVID-19

North Norfolk Primary Care Trust 

Teledermatology: Delivering high impact interventions at scale

South East London CCG

A direct-access ECG and blood pressure service

Northampton General Hospital

Additional capacity for Endoscopy Services

Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Improving patient accessibility for echocardiography services

What our clients say

“The process of working with Xyla has been very smooth and far easier than I envisioned. They have excellent communication with emails being responded to the same day and are able to provide the majority of the staff required to run the clinic. This is a great benefit to us as we struggle to staff additional clinics ourselves. There was much better communication between our teams than we have experienced with other agencies.

Our first appointment waiting times have decreased from 60+ weeks to 30+ weeks in 8 weeks!

Service Manager for Dermatology & Respiratory
NHS Trust in the West Midlands
What our clients say

“The seamless integration with Primary Care means I can rapidly reassure patients with benign skin lesions or enable swift access to specific skin cancer services. Rashes receive optimum initial therapies within hours, rather than waiting months for appointments. It also fosters education and learning for GPs with immediate feedback on proposed diagnoses and management plans.

“Over time this model will reduce the number of patients requiring hospital appointments; resulting in shorter waits for patients and ongoing support for their specialist care teams. Personally, I feel able to provide better quality care, to more patients than ever before in my career.”

Rob Ellis, Consultant Dermatologist
What our clients say

As our first experience of working with Xyla after having worked with other insourcing companies, we were most impressed with their clinical governance processes which always concern hospital staff where external teams come into the hospital to see ‘their’ patients. The clinical teams have been first class and a pleasure to work with and I expect this to be an ongoing relationship between the two organisations.

Carl Holland, Deputy Chief Operating Officer
What our clients say

The Xyla team have always supported collaborative working to ensure patients have the opportunity to receive timely patient care. There was a scenario in January when due to COVID-19 demands on Xyla staff from their own Trust’s meant it might have led to the cancellation of lists. However, due to Xyla staff’s willingness to work as one team with the Trust staff, it resulted in lists being kept open to ensured activity could be maintained. This has been invaluable for the Trust.

What our clients say

We were super excited to use it for the first time and brilliant to already have a quick response.

Practice Manager, Norfolk
What our clients say

I had a response back from the consultant in 49mins. Outcome was ‘Harmless Lesion. Discharged back to GP.’ The patient avoided the waiting list.

Referring clinician, Norfolk
What our clients say

I value you all for your patience, outstanding care and amazing kindness. My concerns were appeased as soon as the nursing staff talked me through what was going to happen and once the sedative was given. I didn’t know a thing until the lovely nurse Monika spoke to me. Thank you all very much.

What our clients say

Xyla have provided a professional and quality service right from the beginning. They have provided a full Endoscopy service which has focused on good governance and providing excellent patient care which aligned with our own trust values.

Rebecca Lovatt, General Manager
What our clients say

Xyla Elective Care supported us to clear some of our Ophthalmology backlog. The whole team were professional and supportive throughout the whole process. Trust staff and patients gave positive feedback on the Xyla clinical staff reporting they were professional and caring even during the more challenging times of busy clinics and IT hiccups. It was a pleasure to work with them and we appreciated their support.

Corinne Bailey, Ophthalmology Service Manager
North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust
What our clients say

I would absolutely recommend Xyla services to other Trusts; they have provided high quality, reliable staff to perform an agreed number of scans. This has really helped us to meet our requirements as a service.

University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust
What our clients say

I am impressed with their QA processes and their continued communication with our department.

Sheila Subbiah
Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

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