ipoint: Our self-booking app

Welcome to ipoint, our self-booking app

How do I create an ipoint account?

You will be auto-enrolled to ipoint as you progress through the recruitment process, and you should receive an email once you have submitted your application form. If you have not, please download the app and click login. Then enter your email address, and this will prompt a new email to be sent to you. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact ipoint.servicedesk@acaciumgroup.com

How do I submit my timesheet on ipoint?
  • Login to your ipoint app
  • Access the main menu
  • Press timesheets
  • Your timesheets should then be on display with one of the following statuses:
    • Open timesheets = timesheets that are outstanding
    • Submitted = timesheets that has been submitted but awaiting authorisation
    • Authorised = timesheet has been approved
    • Processed = timesheet that has been processed for payroll
    • Withdrawn = timesheet that was submitted and then withdrawn as required amendments
  • To submit an “Open” timesheet:
    • Tap on the relevant timesheet
    • Amend start, end and break time as appropriate
    • Ensure all timesheet are ticked that you would like included in your submission
    • Tap save
  • To “Withdraw” a timesheet:
  • Tap on timesheet that has been submitted
  • Tap withdraw
  • Amend withdrawn timesheet as deemed necessary and then resubmit
ipoint user guide

Please find our ipoint user guide

Frequently asked questions

Please find our FAQ document here: ipoint FAQs

The benefits of ipoint
  • Gain access to work as soon as it’s available
  • Scroll through live shift opportunities at your convenience
  • View your upcoming shift bookings
  • Update your work availability in seconds
  • Access ipoint from a range of devices