Meet the Team

Alex Sweeney

Alex Sweeney

Managing Director

Tell us a bit about yourself and your professional background

I have worked in public services all of my professional life in the custodial, immigration and now healthcare sectors. I graduated in Human Resource Management and started my career in the HR field, principally through learning and development. However, I quickly moved into operations and then business development, which created a rounded platform for my role today.

I joined Acacium Group in July 2019 and took up my role with XEC in early 2020. XEC was a new start-up within Acacium Group, which was able to leverage the workforce infrastructure within the Group, to deliver market-leading insourcing services. Being involved in a new business within a large group of businesses is an exciting place to be! We have been able to grow quickly, and while acute insourcing remains a significant part of our business today, we also have community and diagnostics delivery divisions, as well as supporting Our Future Health to deliver the UK’s largest-ever population health research programme.

What specific skills and experience do you bring to the role?

My role is to create a platform for our brilliant people to excel. We provide people-centric services, which means what we do makes a difference in people’s lives. The entire team at Xyla Elective Care is passionate about what we do, so my job is to ensure they have the platform and tools to deliver exemplary service. For many, our work is vocational, so providing a strategic pathway, and enabling people to fulfil their potential are the most important things I can do.

What does a typical day look like in your role?

There is no such thing as a typical day, particularly in the world of hybrid working. But I do appreciate my time with people – working face-to-face creates a sense of purpose, energy and momentum in whatever we are doing. I enjoy speaking to clients, supporting them to address their challenges and jointly problem-solving to unlock new services or ways of working. Hearing how our existing services are valued, as well as starting new services, is always a highlight of my week! My role requires me to be close to all functions of the business – be that clinical, governance, operations or business development.

What’s the best thing about being in the XEC team?

The people – my colleagues are a pleasure to work with! And, of course, supporting NHS delivery on behalf of patients, particularly where we are able to innovate and co-design services.

What does 2023 hold for XEC? What are you excited about?

I think we have a great platform for 2023. We have brought some talented new people into the business to augment the talent we already had, and I think that will allow us to flourish in 2023. I am also excited about the development and launch of new virtual services in 2023.

Lastly, as a Group, we have developed an impactful suite of services to accelerate patient flow, including prevention, triage, treatment, discharge and services delivered in the community. I am really keen to explore how we might use that capability to support healthcare systems.