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Xyla Elective Care achieves prestigious British Society of Echocardiography accreditation

Xyla Elective Care is delighted to announce that its echocardiography team has been awarded departmental echo quality accreditation by the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) earlier this month.

The BSE accreditation is a process, which aims to ensure that high standards of clinical echocardiography are met and maintained for the benefit of patients. To achieve this accreditation, our clinical operations team had to provide case studies and evidence, demonstrating that robust quality assurance processes are in place to ensure continual service improvement.

Echo quality accreditation consists of four areas of assessment:

  1. Echo quality: This area is about demonstrating that we are regularly reviewing and improving the quality of the echo pictures and reports that we produce.
  2. Reproducibility and consistency: This area is about demonstrating that we achieve high standards for every patient in every situation.
  3. Education and training: This area is about demonstrating that we want to improve the education of all users and providers of an echocardiography service, with the overall goal of improving patient care.
  4. Customer and staff satisfaction: This area is about demonstrating patient satisfaction and what the people who use our service think of us.

This accreditation is recognition of the quality we are able to provide in terms of staff training and support, governance and patient safety. It truly showcases our core values – people first, driven by excellence.

Many of our customers and partners are BSE-registered departments, so this achievement emphasises that we have the same values and ambitions.

Going forward this will mean that service users will have even more confidence and reassurance that Xyla Elective Care is delivering a safe, reliable, and high-quality service. This echocardiography accreditation is also a commitment for us to continue to provide a safe working environment for clinical staff and echocardiographers while supporting colleagues with education and development.

Catherine Hewson, Head of Clinical Operations – Echocardiography for Xyla Elective Care said: “We are delighted to have been awarded departmental quality accreditation by the BSE. To receive this official recognition that we are providing a high-quality and safe service to both our clients and clinical staff is a testament to everyone’s commitment to excellence at Xyla.

“Departmental accreditation underpins our commitment to provide a first-class service ‘without walls’ and a culture that supports the quality and safety of both patients and echocardiographers.”

For more information about our echocardiography and services in the community, visit https://xylaelectivecare.com/our-services/community-services/

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