Cardiac Investigation Services

Acute echo services for your outpatient clinics.

Xyla Elective Care provide specialist onsite integrated echocardiography and ambulatory ECG analysis services, delivering our customers across the UK with tailored capacity solutions ranging from 20-600+ patients a month.

We provide the following investigations for NHS and Private Hospitals/Clinics across the UK:

  • Transthoracic echocardiography (outpatient and inpatient)
  • Advanced echocardiography (on request)
  • Ambulatory ECG analysis via Spacelabs

How we operate


  • We cover Monday-Sunday clinics.
  • All of our standard outpatient TTE clinics operate at 40-minute intervals, with scanning and reporting onsite. All reports are finalised and stored the same day.
  • All of our specialist cardiac physiologists within our regional teams are experienced BSE or EACVI accredited, and have over 2 years experience post-accreditation.
  • Clinical quality, we adhere to BSE guidelines on minimum dataset for transthoracic echocardiography. We audit our work monthly, reviewing up to 10% of all work performed, and we report quarterly to our customers on quality, activity, and against all agreed KPIs.
  • We can provide echo machines and a cloud-based reporting system with our services if this is required. If reports are to be completed via our reporting system, PDF reports will be provided post-appointment.

Ambulatory ECG Analysis

  • We can provide reporting capacity for unreported ambulatory ECGs (Holters), or we can provide a fully outsourced service sending monitors to patients at home to self-fit.
  • We use Spacelabs and can securely transfer recordings and completed reports that fully integrate into your system.
  • All of our specialist cardiac physiologists within our analysis team are UK-trained cardiac physiologists and hold appropriate SCST qualifications/certifications.
  • Clinical quality, we audit up to 5% of all of our reported ECGs, and adhere strictly to the latest guidelines.
  • All data is processed or stored in the UK, and all analysis takes place in the UK.
  • We can provide additional monitor capacity if equipment is needed, or staff to fit/remove monitors if workforce is a challenge.

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