Fully virtual outpatient services

Xyla Elective Care can deliver fully virtual outpatient services that are easily adaptable and accessible to primary and secondary care organisations.

This service is intended to:

  1. Provide capacity solution to ‘decompress’ current pressures on outpatient services
  2. Increase patient access and reduce waiting times across most specialities
  3. Reduce the incidence of clinical harm that is associated with long waits
  4. Realise financial savings across the system
  5. Increase patient satisfaction
  6. Improve patient outcomes

The service model

Fully virtual outpatient services Xyla EC - banner

Our team of experienced consultants will triage GP referrals and risk stratify patients to ensure those with the highest clinical risk factors are prioritised. The service is underpinned by:

  • Enhanced Advice and Guidance including access to the ICAN
  • Referral Assessment Service (community triaging)
  • Onward referral to hospital
  • Training, development and mentorship for GPs and other primary care clinicians

Both models below are supported by the appropriate number of face-to-face clinics to facilitate physical examination and diagnostic testing as appropriate.

Our two virtual outpatient service models

Community services model
  • Within this model, Xyla consultants manage the entire patient pathway from referral through to discharge.
  • The redesigned services once commissioned by the CCG will be available as a referral option for GPs via eRS or patients via Choose & Book.
  • The model includes timely access to community and acute diagnostic services and onward referral routes to secondary and tertiary care services.The community provider model for Xyla Elective Care
For secondary care delivery partners
  • Within this model, Xyla consultants support acute trust clinicians in the management of delegated cohorts of patients at specific points along a patient’s pathway. This may be first or follow-up consultations with or without diagnostic support from Xyla elective care. Crucially, the patient remains under the care of the trust’s consultant.
  • These referrals have already been accepted by a local trust and Xyla elective care supports the trust with additional clinical capacity to reduce patient waiting times.