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Xyla Elective Care launches virtual ward service for the NHS

In partnership with the global digital healthcare technology company Huma

Xyla Elective Care has partnered with Huma, a global digital health technology company, to deliver tech-enabled virtual wards using their award-winning remote patient monitoring platform. The service will support NHS Trusts with their plans to create new capacity which expedites hospital discharge and reduces the rate of both admissions and re-admissions.

The service will meet the NHS’s five key good practice recommendations for workforce models, including appropriate clinical leadership and governance, integrated working and appropriate use of technology.

Benefits of virtual wards include increased clinician capacity, improved clinical outcomes, earlier hospital discharge and reduced readmissions and length of stay.

Dr Mert Aral, Chief Medical Officer at Huma said: “With the NHS under increasing pressure, tech-enabled virtual wards can make a huge difference for clinical teams and improve patient experience. During the pandemic, Huma’s award-winning platform helped almost double clinical capacity and reduce readmissions, whilst receiving highly positive feedback from patients and clinical teams.” Read more here.

“We’re delighted to be working with Xyla Elective Care to expand tech-enabled virtual wards across the UK. As we’ve designed our platform to be disease-agnostic, it can be adapted and utilised for multiple care pathways. Our technology is already supporting the NHS towards its virtual ward capacity targets of 40-50 beds per 100k population and helping patients remain at home safely with appropriate monitoring, avoiding potential unnecessary admissions. Using Xyla Elective Care’s human capital and infrastructure we can further accelerate the adoption of virtual wards in the NHS to create more capacity and take pressure off front-line clinical teams, enabling the delivery of more efficient and proactive care. Together, we can help more people to live longer, fuller lives.”

Picture of Matthew Cooke

Xyla Elective Care’s virtual ward solution will be able to increase capacity across a range of pathways, with an initial focus on COPD and acute respiratory, frailty, heart failure, DVT and post-operative management

Professor Matthew Cooke, Clinical Advisor to Xyla Elective Care, said:

“It is no secret that patients want to be at home if possible, but need to feel that they have the support around them to ensure they are getting the right standards of care. By implementing virtual wards with its incredible digital capabilities, we are able to remotely monitor patients who would otherwise be in a secondary care bed. This helps to free up space within the Trusts and increase capacity for other patients who are perhaps in greater need of a hospital bed.

“We do however need to be establishing those patients who are eligible for the virtual wards as soon as possible in their journey and recognising those patients who are more likely to require readmission so that we can work to reduce that risk. By having the virtual wards in place, we will be able to closely monitor and detect any deterioration so that we can provide early intervention.”

Image of Claire Fisher

Claire Fisher, Chief Nurse at Xyla Elective Care, said:

“We are delighted to be rolling out virtual wards across the UK which will be implemented in a way that minimises the disruption to the existing workloads of Trust staff.

Read our launch press release

The technology developed by Huma will maximise opportunities for the workforce by supporting patients and organisations to have the right information at the right time to improve outcomes and ultimately ensure the patient receives high standards of care. Visit the Huma website to find out more about their technology.

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